Start Uploading and Attaching Documents to Salesforce

Last updated Fri Oct 28 2022

Set yourself up for success with this solution, which includes:

  • Steps for configuring the Salesforce Connector
  • Method for creating a sample document
  • Easy to follow guide for Uploading and Attaching documents to Salesforce Accounts


The always powerful Salesforce CRM allows for businesses to operate effectively and efficiently – and in this recipe, Boomi helps add more value and flexibility to a business operating within a Salesforce instance.

This recipe touches on how to upload and attach documents to accounts within a Salesforce instance. See first hand how to being by creating a document that then will be uploaded to a single account. From there, that document is able to be attached to any or all accounts associated with the provisioned Salesforce account. Easily step through this integration and see how the document is distributed across accounts.

This powerful recipe allows for a Salesforce user to easily distribute a document across all accounts. This can be used in a number of different ways, enabling all account owners to see specific documents necessary to keep your business running smoothly. Start uploading and attaching documents to Salesforce accounts today!

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