Start Querying Alerts with Dell OpenManager Enterprise (OME)

Last updated Fri Aug 05 2022

Set yourself up for success with this solution, which includes:

  • Easy to follow steps to setup the OpenManage Enterprise connector.
  • Quick steps to setup query for alerts.
  • Method to filter alerts based on severity.


Dell OpenManager Enterprise (OME) is an infrastructure management console used for systems management and monitoring. OME makes enterprise IT management simple and effective by allowing organizations to solve problems before they grow.

This recipe demonstrates how you can quickly and easily connect to Dell Open Manage Enterprise (OME) to query alerts using the Dell OME connector.

The recipe provides details on how to directly connect to Dell OME and query alerts based on ID, severity. The recipe also details how to setup a filter based on timestamp.

The possibilities are endless when you use Boomi to connect to Dell OpenManage Enterprise. Start connecting today to streamline alert management across your infrastructure.

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