Start Integrating Updates in Slack

Last updated Tue May 17 2022

This powerful, time saving solution demonstrates how to: 

  • Set up the Web Services Server connector 
  • Send data to Slack in a posted or threaded message
  • Update employees on events and data changes in applications


Your business uses Slack as an indispensable, user-friendly tool for communication and collaboration. Use Boomi to leverage the power of Slack and bring critical business updates from applications like Zendesk, ServiceNow, Pendo, and more straight to your business’s most popular tool.

Empower your employees to monitor important tickets, query multiple business tools, and get critical business process updates and alerts, right from the Slack tool. 

Unlock Slack’s potential as a single interface to monitor and manage critical information and tasks by building powerful solutions with any of your applications with Boomi. 


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