Start Handling Stripe Charges

Last updated Tue May 24 2022

Use this recipe to elegantly handle Stripe charges with Boomi Recursion. The recipe includes:

  • Quick steps for setting up your Stripe credentials.
  • A sample Boomi Recursion pattern to handle loops elegantly.
  • An example of Stripe’s recommended query pagination practices.
  • Links to Stripe and Boomi best practice reference material.


Stripe is a best-in-class payment processing platform. We use it at Boomi, as do many of our customers.

This recipe includes an example Stripe charge-handling pattern by Boomi PSO’s own Chris Tofani. It elegantly handles Stripe pagination and highlights Boomi’s recursion best practices.

The first part of the recipe generates a number of documents. The second part uses those documents as looping logic with an updated pagination-offset in the Stripe query each pass.

Once the pattern is set up, you’ll have a great example that can be applied to many Stripe methods. Get started today!

The recipe qualifies for Boomi’s Recipe Program.

Qualifying customers get access to Boomi’s Recipe Program* with the purchase of a Boomi subscription. As part of the Recipe Program you have direct access to a Boomi specialist to get you up and running with Boomi at no additional cost. Learn more

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