Start Encrypting Single Fields

Last updated Wed Aug 03 2022

Set yourself up for success with this field level encryption solution, which includes:

  • Simple steps for importing your PGP certificate
  • Method for encrypting inbound document elements
  • Method for returning the encrypted document to the parent process or a web service client application

For Cloud service businesses, security is a multi-dimensional concern, of which, the data level is an important component. Field level encryption allows users to select specific information or attributes to encrypt instead of encrypting the entire database file. Field level encryption adds another layer of security to your sensitive data, and can eliminate common security concerns when moving database workloads to managed services in the cloud.

This recipe demonstrates how to encrypt a single field in a document, using Integration. In this example, the “price” field values are encrypted and temporarily stored in a Document Cache. Next, a Map shape is used to merge the encrypted fields with the remainder of the document. To complete the set-up, you will need to import or generate a PGP certificate and configure it in the “Encrypt Key Field” in the Data Process shape.

This recipe can be used to encrypt individual fields prior to sending data to Master Data Hub, client platforms, or any other master data management platform solution.

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