Start Eliminating Calls with Documents

Last updated Tue May 24 2022

Start eliminating calls through documents with this recipe, which includes:

  • Methods for blanking/combining documents
  • Methods for passing sample documents and displaying dynamic document properties with Message Shape


Passing blank and combined documents is a great method for eliminating calls. Multiple calls can occur due to the number of executions made throughout the process. This recipe includes two options, Best and Additional, exemplifying different ways a user can approach eliminating calls.

Using this solution, users can eliminate multiple calls that are not needed for reporting. This approach not only reduces the number of duplicates, it also saves time and storage. As a result, reports are up-to-date and accurate.

The example process demonstrates how to use blank and combined documents to eliminate calls. In the first branch, sample documents are passed with the Message Shape regarding blank documents, combined documents, or no adjustments at all. In the second branch, dynamic document properties are displayed with the Message Shape to monitor the number of times the database call or sample shape execution has executed.

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