Start Connecting with Twilio

Last updated Thu May 19 2022

Easily set yourself up for success with this simple solution, which includes:

  • Quick steps to set up the Twilio connector
  • Methods for creating and populating text (SMS) messages
  • Methods for setting up the phone numbers to send and receive the messages


You use Twilio for its powerful communication platform to effectively communicate with your customers, your market, and even your employees.

Use Boomi to connect Twilio with your other communication tools, such as Vonage and MessageBird, to centralize your messaging while having access to the best features of each tool. Connect Twilio to other important applications to your business, such as Zendesk, ServiceNow, Netsuite, and more to send the critical updates your team needs to be successful.

With this solution, you will quickly set up the Twilio connector. Then, set up the processes for creating and populating text (SMS) messages and set up the process for entering the phone numbers that send and receive the text (SMS) messages.

Use the connection in this solution to receive critical updates faster than ever. Get automatic SMS messages for order alerts, application errors, support escalations, and much more to improve your business operations and enable strategic success.

The recipe qualifies for Boomi’s Recipe Program

This Recipe is eligible for Boomi’s Recipe Program – that bundles free expertise from the Boomi PSO team included in the price of this prebuilt offering. The Boomi experts will help you get set up faster than ever, allowing you to get the most out of the Boomi AtomSphere Platform.

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