Start Connecting with Strava

Last updated Tue May 24 2022

Use this Solution to get started with Strava by:

  • Leveraging Strava’s user community to build a lasting brand experience
  • Connecting to existing internal applications
  • Building new fitness apps, clubs, challenges and value adds for your user community


Strava is the #1 app for runners and bikers. Use this solution to start connecting with their engaged community of athletes. Boomi makes it easy to integrate this world-class fitness tracking app with other applications and services.

Whether your interest is in building a lightweight internal app for your organization or increasing existing brand awareness through Sponsored Integrations, Clubs and Challenges, start by connecting to Strava with this recipe.

Strava engages their users with access to a free app for all their exercise tracking needs. Connecting with Strava creates a genuine opportunity both to leverage that community and to enhance your own capabilities by providing athletic stat-tracking in other applications.

Boomi makes it easy to integrate with this world-class app and world-class athletes any way you need to!

The recipe qualifies for Boomi’s Recipe Program.

Qualifying customers get access to Boomi’s Recipe Program* with the purchase of a Boomi subscription. As part of the Recipe Program you have direct access to a Boomi specialist to get you up and running with Boomi at no additional cost. Learn more

*Offer applies only to new customers and requires purchase of a qualifying Boomi subscription.

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