Start Connecting with Slack

Last updated Thu Sep 15 2022

Leverage the power of the Slack messaging platform with this solution, which includes steps to:

  • Set up the Web Services Server connector
  • Configure the Slack connector
  • Update employees on the status of business workflows and IT systems


Slack is an essential, user-friendly tool for communicating with your team. Employ the powerful library of Boomi integrations to unlock the potential of Slack and monitor critical business updates straight from your organizations’s most popular tool.

Monitor important tickets, query business tools, and get critical business process updates right from your Slack feed by taking advantage of the Slack Connector within the Boomi platform.

This solution includes steps to configure Boomi’s Web Services Server Connector and Slack Connector. The Web Services Server enables your integration to listen for REST, SOAP, and simple HTTP requests in real time, and the Slack Connector allows the information obtained from that request to be posted in a slack channel of your choice.

Discover Slack’s potential as a single interface to monitor critical information and tasks with this powerful Boomi solution.

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