Start Connecting with ServiceNow REST

Last updated Thu Oct 20 2022

Set yourself up for success with this solution, which includes:

  • Quick steps for configuring the ServiceNow REST connector.
  • Method examples for connector operations including Get, Create, Update, Delete, Query and Advanced Query.


ServiceNow is an industry leader in cloud-based IT service management, IT operations management and IT business management. ServiceNow integrates easily with applications and tools enabling organizations to automate and consolidate processes.

Using the ServiceNow REST connector enables you to directly connect to ServiceNow to improve performance when extracting or retrieving data.

This recipe details how to configure the ServiceNow REST connector for your ServiceNow instance. There are six unique processes which showcase how to utilize the connector operations Get, Create, Update, Delete, Query and Advanced Query. The recipe also includes profiles and maps demonstrating how data can be transformed for use in any system.

Start utilizing the ServiceNow REST connector today and map data to and from any system into and out of ServiceNow.

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