Start Connecting with Salesforce

Last updated Tue Aug 03 2021

Get set up for success quickly with this solution, which includes:

  • Quick steps to set up your Salesforce connector
  • Methods for accessing your Salesforce data to sync with your key applications, such as Marketo, NetSuite, and Slack
  • Methods for retrieving data from other applications, such as NetSuite, to create a single, consistent view of your data


You use Salesforce to manage your sales operations, customer relationships, and more.

Use Boomi to connect Salesforce with your digital ecosystem. Boomi’s Salesforce connections enable you to grow the value of your ecosystem – eliminating silos and automating data-sharing and management.

You’ll see a more comprehensive, accurate view of your customers and your business across key operational areas, such as finance, HR, operations, and logistics. Easily streamline key initiatives such as lead acceleration, quote to cash, and inventory management.

This solution gets you started with the basics, setting you up for strategic success. In just a few minutes, you’ll learn how to set up the Salesforce connector and discover methods for extracting data from Salesforce, and for sending data to Salesforce from other applications.

With this foundation, you’ll integrate Salesforce data with applications such as Marketo and Slack. You’ll modify data in real time, sending it to Salesforce from ERP systems such as NetSuite and SAP.

Create new records, or update existing ones, to sync data across your applications. Identify and delete redundancies, ensuring your data is consistent across your organization.

Boomi’s powerful platform connects Salesforce with your digital ecosystem, providing the agility to optimize your view of customers and sales operations.

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