Start Connecting with Pendo

Last updated Tue May 24 2022

Use this solution to put your Pendo data into action. The solution includes:

  • Quick steps for setting up the HTTP Client connector with Pendo
  • Methods to access your data from Pendo Features and Pages


Pendo is the only platform to combine in-product engagement with robust product data and user feedback. Let Boomi and Pendo help you use that information to develop products that resonate with customers. Dive into the analytics of how users journey through and interact with your application to then improve upon the user interface and user experience.

Utilize the Pendo Features data which tracks clicks throughout your application. With the simple setup of a Boomi HTTP Client Connector, access data regarding any HTML element within your application. What features are users embracing and ignoring? Put that data into action.

Pendo Pages tracks visitor activity and views as users move through your application. You can also pull that data with a simple Boomi HTTP Client Connector and integrate it into conversations in Slack, tasks in Jira, customer accounts in Salesforce, or any other open API the system that your team uses to make product improvements.

Once the connectors are set up, the possibilities are endless for where you can automate the use of real-time user data. Get started today!

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