Start Connecting with Oracle Fusion

Last updated Thu Sep 15 2022

Set yourself up for success with this solution, which includes:

  • Quick steps for configuring the Oracle Fusion connector
  • Method examples for EXECUTE operations
  • Method examples for QUERY operations


Oracle Fusion/Oracle ERP Cloud is an enterprise resource planning solution that helps automate processes, analyzes operations and elevate productivity utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Optimize your Oracle ERP Cloud implementation but utilizing Boomi’s integration capabilities. The Oracle Fusion connector enables integration via Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) services.

This solution consists of two main processes that detail the steps required to use the EXECUTE and QUERY operations. The EXECUTE process includes a branch for each type of operation (CREATE, GET, UPDATE, DELETE, MERGE, CUSTOM and PROCESS). And the QUERY process includes a branch showcasing the FIND and FINDFILTER operations. In each example you’ll find easy to follow instructions on setting up the Oracle Fusion connector.

Get started today working with the Oracle Fusion connector to integration your solutions and drive productivity.

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