Start Connecting with OpenLegacy

Last updated Thu Aug 25 2022

Set yourself up for success with this solution, which includes:

  • Quick steps to setup an HTTP connector
  • Methods to request payload data from AS/400 and IMS systems
  • Method to retrieve payload data from VSAM systems


OpenLegacy is an integration platform for connecting application integrations with legacy systems. The OpenLegacy platform provides automated API creation for legacy systems and scalable microservices-based architecture.

Paired with Boomi, OpenLegacy enables companies to access data from legacy assets.

This solution consists of three examples use cases. The processes demonstrate how to easily access and retrieve payload data for legacy AS/400, IMS and VSAM systems. Each example illustrates how to configure Boomi’s HTTP Client connector to OpenLegacy API URL’s.

Reduce costs and resources by utilizing Boomi HTTP Client connector and OpenLegacy to integrate your legacy environments into relevant business processes.

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