Start Connecting with Okta for Employee Onboarding

Last updated Tue May 24 2022

Use this recipe to provision Okta as part of your employee onboarding process. The recipe includes:

  • Quick steps for setting up the Okta connector.
  • An “authoritative” data format for a new hire.


An effective SSO (single-sign-on) strategy provides many benefits for a modern organization. A single identity system across the application suite is a better experience for employees. It reduces credential support effort for IT, gives a consolidated view for license audits and, perhaps most importantly, it provides a rapid definitive way to add or remove access to sensitive applications.

Okta is a best-in-breed cloud SSO platform and fits well with our “Boomi-for-Boomi” strategy (which focuses on building valuable outcomes for our own business, using our own platform). Our automated design provisions Okta so that employees have the access they need to be effective on their first day!

The integration process in this recipe starts with an “authoritative” JSON profile, which we will use as the definition of a new hire for many recipes in this series. It provisions a “staged” Okta user so that downstream activity can begin, but the sensitive systems can remain closed to the new hire until their start date.

Once the pattern is set up, you’ll have an Okta provisioning template for all of your onboarding needs. This recipe is a part of our broader Employee Onboarding Reference Architecture series, so stay tuned for more. Get started today!

The recipe qualifies for Boomi’s Recipe Program.

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