Start Connecting with NetSuite

Last updated Tue Aug 03 2021

Set yourself up for success with this solution, which includes:

  • Quick steps to set up your NetSuite connector
  • Methods for accessing your NetSuite data to sync with your key applications – eCommerce, POS, back-office, and more
  • Methods for retrieving data from other applications, such as Procore, to create a single, consistent view of your data
  • Methods for using NetSuite’s advanced data search


You use NetSuite not only as a powerful ERP tool – you also use it for inventory management, ecommerce, and more. Amplify NetSuite’s functionality by connecting with other key applications.

Use Boomi to integrate NetSuite with tools such as Workday, Marketo, Concur, and many more.

This solution gets you started with the basics, setting you up for strategic success. In just a few minutes, you’ll set up the connector and search, retrieve, and modify NetSuite data, sharing it across your digital ecosystem. You’ll create and update records, identify and delete redundancies, and optimize data throughout your organization.

Automate core Netsuite processes, centralize data, and gain valuable insight into sales, operations, and financial performance.

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