Start Connecting with Local and Network Storage

Last updated Thu May 19 2022

Get instant access to your data across local or remote storage with this solution, which enables you to:

  • Easily set up a Disk connector, integrating file storage with Boomi
  • Retrieve files quickly and easily from network directories
  • Send files quickly and easily to network directories


Don’t be restricted to only using data stored on the cloud as you digitally transform your business. Your data is everywhere: on local storage, on network drives, and in the cloud. This you access and move data wherever it’s needed for business. 

Get the most out of your data. Set up Boomi’s Disk connector to send files on your local machines and networks to the cloud. Send files from the cloud into local or network storage for offline access or to create backups. 

With this solution, use the Disk connector to read and write files on a host file system. Access and send files to, and from, any location. Extend your network with your trusted VPN service to access files on an external network. Create reusable components, enabling you to use this connection to map to almost any system.

Use this solution to make file management part of your workflow automation, to get the data you need for data analytics, or to ensure that file data is current and accurate across all locations.

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