Start Connecting With Live Optics

Last updated Tue Jun 28 2022

Begin your journey connecting to Live Optics with:

  • Easy to follow steps for configuring the Live Optics Connector
  • Method for retrieving data by providing a Project IDs
  • Methods for retrieving data both with and without entities included by using PAPIs


Live Optics software allows for users to collect, visualize and share data about your IT environment and workloads. Live Optics provides data analysis to help you understand your workload performance, so that buyers and IT providers can simplify discovery and have a mutual understanding of project requirements.

This recipe demonstrates how to use the Live Optics Connector to connect to the a Live Optics application and Get necessary data in JSON format using Public APIs (PAPIs) and Project IDs.

Boomi makes it easy for users to connect to Live Optics applications via the Live Optics Connector. With the connection established, easily get details of  a record which you want to retrieve from the Live Optics Application. Boomi simplifies the process of getting output data in JSON format by providing a valid static ID (Project ID) using PAPIs. With selecting the ‘Include Entities’ option, the user will be able to get individual response summaries for servers in a specific project.

Check out the Live Optics Connector today to see how you can enhance productivity and gain a deeper understanding for your IT projects.

The recipe qualifies for Boomi’s Recipe Program

This Recipe is eligible for Boomi’s Recipe Program – that bundles free expertise from the Boomi PSO team included in the price of this prebuilt offering. The Boomi experts will help you get set up faster than ever, allowing you to get the most out of the Boomi AtomSphere Platform.

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