Start Connecting with Infura and the Ethereum Blockchain

Last updated Tue May 24 2022

Use this recipe to connect your Integration processes with Ethereum smart contracts. The recipe includes:

  • Quick steps for setting up the HTTP Client connector with Infura.
  • A mechanism to call an Ethereum standard method.
  • A mechanism to call an Ethereum custom smart contract function.


Infura provides connectivity to the Ethereum blockchain without the need to stand up, and maintain, a full Ethereum node. This reduces the barrier to entry for an organization working with Web3 technology. Infura is made by Consensys; which is a reputable thought leader in the space.

This recipe includes two example calls that retrieve data from the Ethereum Rinkeby Testnet blockchain, via Infura. These read-methods do not require a signed transaction, so they provide a good introduction to both Infura and Ethereum calls.

The first part of the recipe uses the eth_blockNumber method to return the most recent block. The second part uses the eth_call method to call the the retrieve() function on a custom smart contract we’ve deployed.

Once the pattern is set up, the possibilities are endless for where you can automate the use of Ethereum blockchain data. Get started today!

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