Start Connecting with IFS

Last updated Thu Jun 09 2022

This recipe will guide you through:

    • Easy to follow steps for configuring the IFS REST Connector
    • Learning the basics around querying, getting and sending data to and from the IFS REST API
    • Exploring how to call functions


IFS develops and delivers ERP, EAM, FSM and ESM to businesses worldwide. IFS develops and delivers enterprise software with an industry-specific, user-friendly platform. It allows businesses to keep track of assets and manage services across their entire environment.

With IFS, you will be able to maintain assets along with unlocking the ability to manage, manufacture, and distribute goods with ease from start to finish!

This recipe includes three sub-processes that will each dive into different examples around how you can integrate with IFS! To start, see the easy to follow steps on how to configure the IFS REST Connector. Next, check out how to get data from IFS using the Query and Get actions. Also included in this recipe is an example of how to send data to the IFS REST API, unlocking powerful access to your data – for example, the ability to create, update or delete customer information. Finally, explore the basics around calling a function within IFS, enabling even more visibility and control of your data!

The IFS REST Connector makes it easy to connect to an IFS environment and unlocks the ability to manage your data. Easily being able to create, gather or update customer data enables businesses to run seamlessly. Start integrating with IFS today! For more about the IFS REST Connector, see here.

The recipe qualifies for Boomi’s Recipe Program

This Recipe is eligible for Boomi’s Recipe Program – that bundles free expertise from the Boomi PSO team included in the price of this prebuilt offering. The Boomi experts will help you get set up faster than ever, allowing you to get the most out of the Boomi AtomSphere Platform.

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