Start Connecting with FTPs

Last updated Sat Sep 25 2021

Set up the connections you need for your success with this solution, which includes how to:

  • Set to up the FTP or FTPs connector
  • Download files from an FTP server
  • Upload files to an FTP server


Connect your essential business applications with any File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server with this solution to automate file updates, creating a consistent and effortless user experience. Accelerate workflows, increase productivity, and ensure the integrity of your files.

Boomi’s FTP integration will allow you to easily transfer and maintain files within your organization. This solution gets you started with the basics, launching your business on a path to strategic success. 

In just a few minutes, you’ll set up the FTP connector and start sharing files across your business. The FTP connector is versatile. This connector supports FTP over SSL (FTPs) for security, and can access any FTP server connected to the internet. 

Adapt what you’ve learned with this solution and apply this FTP connection to meet your file sharing business needs.

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