Start Connecting with Database Stored Procedures

Last updated Tue Jun 14 2022

Begin your journey with calling database stored procedures, which include:

    • Quick steps for configuring the Database Connector to connect to Azure: MS SQL Server
    • Methods for importing functions to declare parameters and profile fields
    • Methods for displaying results with Message Shape


Use this solution to call a database stored procedure from an AtomSphere process. This is made accessible to obtain depending on your business need. In order to successfully retrieve desired results, two paths are presented in this solution to determine which route values should take.

This solution offers great value by offering zero limitations when connecting to a particular database. In this example, the database connects to Azure: Microsoft SQL Server. As a result, users can obtain and execute stored procedures from any database at their leisure.

The example process demonstrates how to call a database stored procedure from an AtomSphere process. In the first branch, functions are imported to define an input parameter. In the second branch, the imported functions are used to define profile fields. These values are passed to the Database Connector, which is configured to connect to Azure’s Microsoft SQL Server. Lastly, the Message Shape displays the results.

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