Start Connecting with Cloudingo API

Last updated Tue Jun 14 2022

Begin your journey connecting to Cloudingo to clean Salesforce data with this recipe, which includes:

  • Quick steps for configuring the HTTP Client connectors to connect to Cloudingo API
  • Quick steps for configuring the Decision Shape
  • Methods for checking and merging duplicates


Cloudingo is a Salesforce Appforce® app for deduping, cleaning, and managing Salesforce data. By connecting to the Cloudingo API, Salesforce customers can check for duplicate values in Salesforce and merge duplicates according to filters specified in Cloudingo. This solution performs Send operations on pre-defined objects to receive desired results.

This recipe uses Cloudingo to check for duplicate records and to merge any duplicates that are found. If not detected and fixed, duplicate records in Salesforce can lead to confusion among sales and support teams, inaccurate reporting, and poor quality customer service. 

The example process demonstrates the using Cloudingo to check and merge duplicates in Salesforce. To establish a connection to Cloudingo, the HTTP Client Connector is configured to check for and merge duplicate requests. The Decision Shape is configured to identify if duplicates exist or not to flow down the True or False path.

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