Start Connecting with Amazon SQS

Last updated Sun Sep 26 2021

Use this solution to set yourself up for success in your message queueing needs. It includes:

  • Quick steps to set up the Amazon SQS connector
  • Methods for sending messages through Amazon SQS into other endpoints
  • Methods for receiving messages from other applications into Amazon SQS


Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) is a critical component in your cloud web services solution. Incorporate this service into your AWS platform to create a process to use a fast, reliable message queuing tool.

If you want to send data to a number of different API endpoints with potentially different volume limits or different sized batches of data, this solution will help you.

This solution demonstrates how to set up the Amazon SQS connector. From there, you will be able to leverage the connection to send and receive messages in a secure, scalable, and reliable queue until your other endpoints are ready to receive them.

Use this solution to strengthen your cloud infrastructure to create the automated workflows your business needs with Amazon SQS to ensure accurate, secure, and timely message delivery.

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