Start Connecting to Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Clients

Last updated Thu Jun 23 2022

Begin your journey creating new users using LDAP, which includes:

  • Steps to easily configure the LDAP connector
  • Method to create new users
  • Method to updating an object in the data directory


Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is an open and vendor-neutral industry standard application protocol that facilitates the access to and maintenance of distributed directory information services over a network. A user’s contact details, login information, password, permissions and more all can be stored with an LDAP.

LDAP unlocks the the ability to securely managing users and their access rights to IT resources, easing internal security concerns.

This recipe contains steps around what is needed to ensure a reliable connection to an LDAP server. With a connection established, see how to create new users within an environment. Also included is how to update a group with the new user.

The LDAP connector helps users by providing flexibility and functionality with the actions you can perform on an object in the data directory. With the ability to configure a connection with SSL, support for querying using custom (extended) attributes and assist with support for input and output JSON profiles you will be able to take total control over your directory service.

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