Start Connecting Pendo with Slack

Last updated Wed Sep 07 2022

Set yourself up for success with this solution, which includes:

  • Easy to configure Web Services Server Connector steps
  • Quick steps for connecting to the Slack Connector
  • Method for mapping the Slack message with Pendo data


Pendo and Slack are two powerful applications that many businesses today are using, but often independent of each other. With the help of Boomi, this recipe will enable businesses to receive real time Slack messages when a new visitor to your businesses site or application is created in Pendo.

This recipe starts with steps to configure Boomi’s Web Services Server Connector that will enable your integration to listen for a webhook created within Pendo. Whenever the listener picks up a newly created visitor, the integration will fire-off and craft a notification like message that will be sent to the Slack channel of the users selection. Everything from the Slack channel to the message text can be set within the map shape, allowing for total customization of the message!

Automating and alerting on new visitors to your businesses websites and applications will add an abundant amount of value to multiple facets of your business. Try using this integration to increase lead generation and stay on top of new users today!

For more help with configuring the Web Services Server Connector to Listen for a Pendo Webhook, click here!

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