Start Connecting Pendo with Salesforce

Last updated Wed Sep 07 2022

Set yourself up for success with this solution, which includes:

  • Easy to follow steps for connecting the HTTP Client Connector to your Pendo environment
  • Quickly configure the Salesforce Connector
  • Method to bypass sending existing leads in Salesforce


Pendo helps organizations understand whether the products and features they’re building are being used and if so, by whom. Pendo offers organizations powerful analytical data that can be used to help make decision making easier.

Having access to the data Pendo offers an organizations is super valuable by itself, but with this recipe, you will be able to take that data and use it to potentially generate more customers by integrating the data directly with Salesforce.

This recipe starts by connecting to your organizations Pendo environment and pulling in a Visitor Report. From that report, we collect the Visitor ID, which will be then sent directly to your organizations Salesforce Leads. The Salesforce Connector will be able to catch any existing email that is tied to pre-existing lead, eliminating the possibility of a duplicate lead being created inside your Salesforce environment.

Automating lead generation for any business offers a great deal of benefits – Increase team productivity and start speeding up your selling process today!

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