Start Connecting NetSuite OpenAir to Salesforce

Last updated Tue Oct 25 2022

Set yourself up for success with this solution, which includes:

  • Quick steps to configure the NetSuite OpenAir and the Salesforce connectors.
  • Method examples for mapping Salesforce data to NetSuite OpenAir data.
  • Method examples for configuring filter criteria for query operations.


NetSuite OpenAir provides a suite of software designed to track projects from beginning to end to support service teams. Salesforce is a CRM tool used by support, sales and marketing teams.

Use Boomi to connect your NetSuite OpenAir projects to your Salesforce opportunities and remove barriers between your sales and service teams.

This recipe details how to configure the NetSuite OpenAir connector and the Salesforce connector for your environment. There are two easy to follow processes included in this recipe. The first demonstrates how to queries Closed/Won opportunities in Salesforce and create corresponding projects in OpenAir. The second sends updated OpenAir project information back to Salesforce.

See how to drive efficiencies and keep your teams sync’d by integrating OpenAir projects with Salesforce opportunities.

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