Start Connecting Flow with Integrate

Last updated Fri Sep 30 2022

Boomi Flow helps you build front-end user-interactive applications. When it is combined with Boomi Integration that helps you connect your applications, data and devices across your hybrid mutli-cloud landscape, we have a powerhouse of a solution that helps your automate workflows and business processes.

Get started with connecting Boomi Flow and Integrate using this Solution, that includes:

  • An example of a Flow triggering an integration process and getting a response back to display in Flow.
    • This Solution includes the Employee Name Builder Flow that inputs a First Name, Middle Name and Last Name of an Employee and shows the Full Name as an output. This Flow calls an integration process wherein the input names are concatenated in a Map Function to build the Full Name.
  • Instructions to get this solution up and running: Setup Guide for Connecting Integrate and Flow Assets in a Discover Solution.
    • For Step 2 in the Setup Guide above, here are the steps (specific for this Solution) to configure the Flow Service:
      • Open the Flow Service “Full Name Builder Flow Service” in Atomphere. Ensure that you are in edit mode. If not, click on the “Lock & Edit” button on the bottom.
      • Navigate to the Message Actions tab, and click on +Add Message Action.
      • Set the name of the Message Action to “Build Full Name”.
        1. IMPORTANT NOTE: You must use the same exact name specified here as the Message Action name, in order to match the name of the Message Action configured in Flow (in the Message Action element in the Flow canvas). If you fail to match this name, the Message Action element in Flow will not find the expected integration process.
        2. Select the integration process “Full Name Builder Process”.
        3. Click on the Add button.
      • Click on the “Save” button at the bottom to save your Flow Service. Your Flow Service is now set up.

The recipe qualifies for Boomi’s Recipe Program.

Qualifying customers get access to Boomi’s Recipe Program* with the purchase of a Boomi subscription. As part of the Recipe Program you have direct access to a Boomi specialist to get you up and running with Boomi at no additional cost. Learn more

*Offer applies only to new customers and requires purchase of a qualifying Boomi subscription.

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