Start Analytical Logging with Azure

Last updated Mon May 23 2022

Begin your journey with Azure Log Analytics, which includes:

  • Quick steps for configuring the HTTP Client connector to connect to Azure.
  • Methods for setting and processing incoming data accordingly to create custom log entries.
  • Methods for writing logs to Azure for viewing record results.


Azure Log Analytics (ALA) is an automated technique for logging with Azure and organizing within a Log Analytics Workspace. This workspace provides an extensive view of focusing on usage, performance, health, queries, and more. Therefore, identifying ways to make environments more predictable and efficient are achieved to deliver continuous value to the business.

This solution demonstrates how to connect to Azure Log Analytics to evaluate and interpret log data. This allows an increase in security authentication by the generation of a unique key that is required for connecting to Azure. Users have the ability to understand the performance of applications as well as detect and resolve issues in a timely manner for cloud and on-premises environments.

Analytical logging can be done in a more innovative way by utilizing Azure. Custom log entries are created and written with the Azure REST Endpoint. With the appropriate configuration, it is possible to process the incoming data to view logs once they are written to Azure. Upon success, steps are taken to connect the HTTP Client connector to Azure for the benefits of searching, analyzing, and visualizing the created logs.

Taking full advantage of Azure Log Analytics primarily helps users be more productive and sufficient with harnessing data and applications. Innovation is a key benefit for users to hone in on driving more effective business outcomes. With this, automation can be helpful with streamlining the process for more precise logs written to Azure. Get started today!

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