Start Analytical Logging with Azure

Last updated Mon May 23 2022

Begin your journey with Azure Log Analytics with this recipe, which includes:

  • Quick steps for configuring the HTTP Client connector to connect to Azure.
  • Methods for setting and processing incoming data accordingly to create custom log entries.
  • Methods for writing logs to Azure for viewing record results.


Azure Log Analytics is a tool in the Azure portal for editing and running log queries against data collected by Azure Monitor, Microsoft’s observability solution for monitoring applications, infrastructure and networks both on-premises and in the cloud. Using Azure Log Analytics, you can analyze activity across your IT environments, identify trends, and accelerate the detection and remediation of problems.

This Boomi solution demonstrates how to connect to Azure Log Analytics to evaluate and interpret Azure Monitor log data. The solution supports secure authentication by generating a unique key for connecting to your Azure account. Users have the ability to understand the performance of applications as well as detect and resolve issues in a timely manner for cloud and on-premises environments.

This recipe demonstrates a method for performing logging with Azure Log Analytics and creating custom logs with just one connector, the Boomi HTTP Connector, connected to the Azure REST Endpoint. When configured correctly, this recipe makes it possible to process incoming data to view logs once they are written to Azure within an Azure Log Analytics account. To connect to Azure, steps are taken to configure the HTTP Client connector for the benefits of searching, analyzing, and visualizing Azure logs.

This recipe is particularly useful for monitoring low-latency Boomi processes, which the Azure Monitor would not normally track. Also, Azure log tables include certain columns by default, but many Boomi users find it valuable to create additional columns to track fields that are useful for Boomi operations. Customizing logs enables users to log just the data they care about. 

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