Send a Welcome Email to New Visitors Created in Pendo

Last updated Wed Sep 07 2022

Set yourself up for success with this solution, which includes:

  • Quick to follow steps for configuring the Web Services Service Connector
  • Guide to constructing and formatting an email
  • Method for sending an email using the Email Connector


Pendo offers businesses insight into the use of their products and by whom. Having instant access to powerful data can help businesses make difficult decisions become a significantly easier by allowing them to have a deeper understanding of their products.

In this recipe, users can start by following the easy to follow steps around configuring the Web Services Server Connector enabling the ability to listen for a Pendo Webhook looking for new visitors. When the Webhook hits the listener with a new visitor, the recipe moves into the integration and creates a welcome email that can be sent to the newly created visitor.

The idea behind this recipe is to instantly enable communication with new visitors and potentially increase automation around a businesses lead generation process. See how your business can start communicating with new users today!

For more help with configuring the Web Services Server Connector to Listen for a Pendo Webhook, click here!

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