Self-service EDI Partner Onboarding and Management by R systems

Last updated Tue Jun 14 2022

Accelerate and simplify EDI Partner onboarding and management with this Accelerator, which includes:

  • A Boomi Flow user interface for partners to more easily onboard and initiate testing
  • Boomi Integration EDI/B2B to integrate with partners and to streamline processes so companies can trade smarter


For most companies, onboarding a new EDI partner requires weeks of work by the company’s IT team and the partner. With this Boomi Accelerator solution, you can onboard partners faster than ever before, reducing several weeks of work to just hours.

Through this self-service workflow management capability provided by the portal, EDI partner onboarding can be completed without the need for back and forth communication between Business Relationship Managers (BRM), partners, EDI and backend application teams. Instead, BRM and partners can collaborate in real-time to complete the partner setup process without the involvement of technical teams.

Users can self-initiate the testing or EDI certification process by requesting test data which can be reviewed and approved by business users and IT support teams, accelerating the onboarding process.

These workflow automations and self-service features, built using out-of-the-box capabilities of the Boomi Platform, accelerate the onboarding and ongoing management of EDI partners, streamlining workflows and reducing costs. 

Additional upcoming features include communication connectivity setup with partners, partner setup automation in backend systems (ERP, WMS, OMS), webform capabilities, partner updates (add/remove EDI transactions), partner offboarding and collaboration within the portal.


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