Recipe: e-Signature Process with DocuSign

Last updated Wed Aug 31 2022

Set yourself up for success with this solution, which includes:

  • Workflows to initiate the signature process with company representatives and signers.
  • Querying Salesforce for information to prefill your document for signature.
  • Setting up an admin dashboard.
  • Webhook listeners with DocuSign to track the progress of your signatures on the admin dashboard.
  • Slack notifications to fire upon updates in the process
  • Sending emails with the final signed document as an attachment to additional parties upon completion


Every organization has official documentation of written agreements that require signatures from both company representatives and additional parties (clients, employees, vendors, etc.). Collecting these signatures can be an arduous task, but Boomi is here to help!

This solution will not only help automate and expedite the process, it will also allow you to track the progress of the signatures you are trying to capture.

Connect with Salesforce to prefill your documents for signature with automated account information tailored to each recipient. Then let the process work for you to ensure the document gets into the right hands for authorized signature and that the completed documents are then passed along to the correct parties.

Feel free to add on to this process if you want to save your final signed documents to a particular repository or even back into your customer accounts in Salesforce. Don’t let the process of chasing down signatures and filing documentation pull your talent away from other important business.

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