Kitepipe Workday Hub

Last updated Wed Jun 15 2022

HR data is constantly changing, and modern applications are changing, too, as companies evolve and digitally transform. Take full control of employee records with the Kitepipe Workday Hub Accelerator, which includes:

  • A ready-to-use connector for accessing HR data in Workday
  • Data management through Boomi Master Hub for cleaning, deduplicating,
    enriching and storing employee records
  • Boomi connectors for integrating HR records into NetSuite, Salesforce and other
    business applications in a hub-and-spoke model


The Kitepipe Workday Accelerator makes it quick and easy to share accurate HR data across your organization. By connecting Workday to Boomi Master Data Hub, this solution centralizes control over the HR data access, distribution, and data quality.

Import employee data into Boomi Master Data Hub using Kitepipe’s pre-built connector for Workday. Then use Boomi Connectors and the Boomi Platform to integrate this cleaned and enriched data into employee records in applications such as Concur, ServiceNow, and ERP applications.

Ensure that teams handling financial, benefits, expenses, and more are all working the latest accurate employee data. For example, set the hire date for a new employee in Workday, and have that date automatically appear in other HR-related applications. Use data synchronization to automate HR workflows, further saving time and money.

Accelerate onboarding while reducing errors, improving employee experience. One Boomi customer using this solution saw its error rate drop from 7.5% to 0. Another customer saved five FTEs through HR-related automation.

Requires Boomi Master Data Hub and Boomi Integration.

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