Jade Pre-Built Oracle SOA Suite to Boomi Migration

Last updated Thu Oct 06 2022

Take advantage of Jade’s experience and expertise with Oracle-to-Boomi migration projects with this accelerator, which follows Jade’s proven Boomi migration methodology and includes:

  • Automated SOA Profile Conversion
  • Pre-built Domain Value Maps (DVM) to Cross-Reference Table Conversion Utility
  • Pre-built automated conversion to Boomi Maps
  • Detailed Wiki to transform Oracle SOA components to respective Boomi Components Automated testing and many more
  • Tools for seamless knowledge transfer and transition

Jade Global Integration Experts have developed this unique migration framework and utilities suite to streamline Oracle-to-Boomi migration projects and to accelerate many of the complex transformations these migrations require.

By using this Accelerator to migrate to Boomi’s modern, cloud-native platform, customers receive these benefits:

  • The confidence of knowing that their migration is following best practices for integration
  • Faster identification and remediation of risks
  • Cost savings, and no surprises from unexpected cost overruns
  • Faster migration execution and time-to-value
  • End-to-end functional tested integration processes

By streamlining a potentially complex migration project, the Jade Pre-Built Oracle SOA Suite to Boomi Accelerator helps companies of all sizes modernize their integration capabilities, pursue cloud-first strategies, and better support their digital transformation initiatives.

Requires Boomi Integration, B2B/EDI, Master Data Hub, API Management, and Flow

Sample Use Case
Reference Architecture

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