Get Started with Displaying Conditional Buttons in Flow

Last updated Fri Sep 30 2022

Begin your journey with displaying conditional buttons in Flow, which includes:

  • Method to display buttons based on user selection


Page conditions apply conditional formatting to components on a page layout. With this, the display and behavior of components vary on the page. Conditions perform with a standard of: if this action happens then perform this action. And/Or comparison types are also used to set the required condition. As a result, users have the ability to see what they desire as page conditions change the visibility of a component on a page. This can be due to the state of another component on the page or a value selected by the user.

This Flow is made up of a few Step and Page Elements with one page condition. The page condition allows buttons to be conditionally displayed to the user. The page initially shows a toggle and a single button, with a second button shown when the toggle is switched on.

Add a more dynamic experience to your Flow by using page conditions!

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