Get Started with Decision Map & Business Rules in Flow

Last updated Thu Oct 27 2022

Set yourself up for success with this solution, which includes:

  • A Flow example highlighting how to use a Decision Map element, and how to use it alongside business rules to incorporate logic into your flow.


This solution uses a simple example asking the user their workplace status; remote or hybrid.  Once selected, the user is routed down their selected path.

A page element is used with a combobox component to capture their workplace selection. A Decision Map Element follows the page element with a business rule to determine if the user will go down the remote or hybrid path.

Here’s where the decision map element plus a business rule outcomes can be helpful.  Maybe you only have prompts or needs for the hybrid group and want to figure out the days they come into office. Perhaps you need to know which employees need corporate cards and then also need their contact information. If you have multiple outcomes from a map element on the flow canvas, you can set up business rules on each outcome to define which outcome path a user will be directed along.

Get started with this Flow example to see how you can use a decision map element to solicit the response and then determine the outcome with business rules so the user is routed down the right path.

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