Generic Data Operations with Pricefx

Last updated Thu Jun 23 2022

Begin your journey with Pricefx generic data operations, which include:

  • Quick steps to configure the Pricefx Connector
  • Method examples of 15 subprocesses
  • Include Query, Upsert, User Access Update, Data Load/Upload, Get, Quote Actions, Fetch, and Delete operations


Pricefx is a leading pricing software provider for price optimization and management. This software is cloud-based and is built for profitability to scale, gather pricing data insights, and display prices to market. This solution performs a number operations on a pre-defined object to receive desired results.

Users have the ability to utilize these examples as use cases to best deliver business requirements and expectations. This allows benefits across your business to align with accurate management and optimization of prices. As a result, optimal gains are established for business processes.

This solution consists of 15 example use case processes that are grouped into eight categories, which are Query, Upsert, User Access Update, Data Load/Upload, Get, Quote Actions, Fetch, and Delete operations. Each subprocess establishes a connection to the Pricefx connector by configuring with the appropriate credentials. Follow these examples to help guide successful business outcomes.

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