Enrich Customer Data with Huron and D&B Insights

Last updated Mon Jun 13 2022

Enrich customer data with Dun & Bradstreet profile data to gain business insights, improve data quality, and streamline workflows. The Huron Customer Data Accelerator includes:

  • Pre-built Boomi connectors for accessing D&B data services
  • Data models hosted on Boomi Master Hub for cleaning, deduplicating, enriching and storing customer records
  • Boomi connectors for integrating customer records and D&B insights into NetSuite, Salesforce and other business applications
  • A Boomi Flow workflow for searching and analyzing 360-degree views of companies for prospecting and account management


The Huron Customer Data Accelerator makes it easy to enrich customer data with insights from Dun & Bradstreet services such as Data Blocks / Direct+. Leverage these insights to improve the effectiveness of sales and marketing campaigns, to reduce credit risk, and to automate workflows to improve customer experience.

Import customer data quickly and easily into Boomi Master Data Hub using Huron’s pre-built adapters for D&B API services. Then use Boomi Connectors and the Boomi Platform to integrate this cleaned and enriched data into customer records in NetSuite, Salesforce, and other business applications. Provide stakeholders in sales, marketing, finance, and logistics with firmographic insights about personnel, finances, and more. Highlight key relationships, and automate business processes such as onboarding.

By centralizing enriched customer data in Master Data Hub, you can improve both the quality and accessibility of customer data. Huron’s Master Data Hub models include critical data for identity, segmentation, relationships and firmographic information, as well as match metadata used in automated deduplication. 

Finance teams can use this solution’s data to detect financial risk in customers and parent-owned companies, mitigating credit risk and improving collections.  

The Customer Data Accelerator also includes a graphical Boomi Flow workflow application that provides a 360-degree view of companies. This easy-to-use tool helps sales and marketing teams research prospects and gain the insights they need for “next best action” sales and marketing initiatives.

Requires Boomi Master Data Hub and a subscription to D&B Data Blocks / Direct+ services.

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