Deploy Connections with Amazon Alexa

Last updated Wed May 18 2022

This powerful solution will set you up for success. It includes:

  • Steps for creating a simple Listener service
  • Quick steps to define and map requests and responses to Amazon Alexa
  • Methods for creating the processed response message


Amazon Alexa’s voice AI capabilities are one of the most exciting innovations in the technology sector. This technology allows voice command technology to be used by many different applications to make people’s lives even easier than ever.

You can adopt Alexa’s technology with this solution to effortlessly initiate actions in the AtomSphere platform using simple voice commands, to save you time and effort.

Start by creating a simple listener service in AtomSphere to track the voice commands that you issue. Then, you will map requests from Amazon Alexa to responses within the AtomSphere platform. You will also create response messages to indicate a request was processed. These quick steps will establish your Amazon Alexa and Boomi connection.

Use this simple solution to engage Alexa’s voice commands to enhance your experience building connections and automated workflows in Boomi’s robust platform.

The recipe qualifies for Boomi’s Recipe Program

This Recipe is eligible for Boomi’s Recipe Program – that bundles free expertise from the Boomi PSO team included in the price of this prebuilt offering. The Boomi experts will help you get set up faster than ever, allowing you to get the most out of the Boomi AtomSphere Platform.

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