Connect Workday with Smartsheet

Last updated Thu May 19 2022

Find the success with this solution, which includes:

  • Quick steps to set up your Workday connector
  • Methods for retrieving employee record data from Workday HCM
  • Methods for leveraging that data to update and sync with Smartsheet, creating a new Employee record as-needed


You rely on Workday HCM for robust insight into your employee data. Smartsheet is critical to your business’s project management and collaboration needs. Both are powerful tools.

Amplify this power by creating a simple integration, syncing data to automate key operational processes such as onboarding and workforce planning.

Use Boomi to connect Workday HCM with Smartsheets and optimize data analysis and presentation. Broaden visibility into your employee records, reduce manual work, and give time back to your team.

This solution will show you how to get employee record data from Workday HCM and send that data into Smartsheet to create and synchronize employee records.

Learn these simple integration concepts, then leverage your knowledge to create additional Workday HCM solutions for your business like payroll automation or employee lifecycle management.

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