Connect with UltiPro (UKG) Reports-As-A-Service

Last updated Tue Aug 02 2022

Begin your journey with UltiPro (UKG) reports service, which include:

  • Quick steps for configuring the HTTP Client connectors to connect to UltiPro (UKG)
  • Methods for building LogOn Request, Execute Report Request, and Retrieve Report Request with the Message shapes
  • Methods for displaying results with the Return Documents Shape


UltiPro is a cloud-based Human Resources Information System (HRIS) software that has recently been acquired by the Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG). Various web services are offered for a user to integrate with, which, in this example, establishes a connection to Report-As-A-Service Web Service through a HTTP Client Connector. This solution performs Get operations on a pre-defined object to receive desired results.

By automating the process actions and delivering comprehensive results, this solution offers great value to users. Users have the ability to efficiently establish a connection, query an encoded report, decode the report, and transform the report to a CSV format. As a result, performance is improved, which positively impacts HRIS as a whole.

The example process demonstrates the use of UltiPro’s (UKG) Reports-As-A-Service web service and its connection to the HTTP Client Connector for performing actions. In the first branch, the LogOn request is established. In the second branch, the Execute Report Request is established. At the end of this branch, flowing down the True path, the Return Documents Shape serves as a vital asset for displaying results of the Decision Shape to determine whether or not reports are returned. In the third branch, the Retrieve Report Request is established. Each request are sent to the HTTP Client Connector. To establish a connection to UltiPro (UKG), the HTTP Client connectors are configured in each branch to achieve results.

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