Connect with Amazon S3

Last updated Thu Jul 07 2022

Begin your journey with Amazon S3, which includes:

  • Quick steps for configuring the HTTP Client connectors to connect to Amazon S3
  • Quick steps for configuring the Disk Connector Shape
  • Method examples for subprocesses: Send a Text File with HTTP Client Connector; Send a Text File with HTTP Client Connector with SSE-S3 Encryption; and Send a Binary File with HTTP Client Connector


Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is an industry-leading service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Its main functionality is to provide management to accessed data for optimization and organization. In this solution, Send/Get operations are performed on pre-defined objects to receive desired results.

Perform these operations with the help of Amazon S3 to retrieve, organize, and store data effortlessly. The user experience is positively impacted as the business delivers reliable and scalable solutions. In turn, specific business, organizational, and compliance requirements are achieved across the business.

This solution consists of three example use cases. Each subprocess establishes a connection to Amazon S3 through the HTTP Client connector by configuring with the appropriate credentials. In the first example, the HTTP Client connector is used to send a text file to Amazon S3, which can then be retrieved by the user. In the second example, SSE-S3 encryption is used to securely send a text file to Amazon S3 using the HTTP Client connector, where the file can then be retrieved by the user. In the third example, the HTTP Client connector is configured to send a binary file to Amazon S3, where the file is then retrieved, read, and written back to the disk by configuring the Disk Connector Shape.

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