Connect with Amazon MWS

Last updated Mon May 23 2022

Begin your journey with Amazon MWS, which includes:

  • How to configure the HTTP Client Connector to connect to Amazon MWS
  • Examples for Amazon MWS Authorization involving four sub processes
  • Display results with the Return Documents Shape


Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) is an API web service integrated to perform operations in accounts created by Amazon sellers. It is useful for exchanging data on listings, orders, payments, and reports for online businesses. This can be achieved electronically and automatically.

Increase value by prioritizing selling operations. Based on business scenarios, example processes are created to obtain Amazon orders and filtering data by updates, order number, and lines. Secure the environment by generating signatures and tokens for authentication purposes.

Optimize your business in managing sales, orders, and inventory. Filtering is established to retrieve products for sale, obtain orders, confirm shipment, and receive reports. By using Amazon MWS, selling efficiency, productivity, and labor reduction are maximized.

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