Connect Salesforce with Pub/Sub Atom Queue

Last updated Mon May 23 2022

Save ample time and effort with this solution. This solution includes:

  • Salesforce Connector
  • Pub/Sub Atom Queue
  • Pub/Sub Atom Queue subscription process


This solution connects to Salesforce to access data and add it to a Pub/Sub Atom Queue. The Pub/Sub Atom Queue allows multiple applications to subscribe to relevant topics to keep data up to date.

The Pub/Sub Atom Queue is perfect for data that needs to be transmitted to multiple endpoints. It ensures that all subscribers are receiving the same data, which helps maintain consistent data across applications and ensures that reporting is aligned.

This solution allows one Salesforce Connection to pull and distribute data across multiple topics to multiple applications. This simplifies the process of keeping data up to date across multiple applications. Instead of creating a separate connection for each application that requires Salesforce data, each application can simply subscribe to the Pub/Sub Atom Queue. All subscribed applications receive the same data for the topics that they subscribe to.

The Pub/Sub Atom Queue makes consistent data readily available to unlimited applications. The Atom Queue does not count towards Connector counts for Atomsphere subscriptions, so using it can also help to save on connector subscription costs.

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