Connect Salesforce with NetSuite

Last updated Tue May 17 2022

This simple solution sets you up for success. It includes information on how to:

  • Set up your Salesforce and NetSuite connectors
  • Retrieve updated account field data from Salesforce
  • Leverage that data to update and sync with NetSuite, creating a new Customer field as-needed


Your Salesforce (CRM) and NetSuite (ERP) applications are essential systems that handle critical customer data. Ensuring consistent and updated information across these systems can be time-intensive  and error-prone if the task is not well-automated.

Using Boomi to connect Salesforce Account records with your NetSuite Customer data, you’ll create a unified data source, reconciling customer and revenue data across applications. 

Automate orders and payments, maintain accurate records, and streamline your processes. Gain crucial visibility into interactions with customers and prospects. 

Create a consistent customer experience, reduce manual work and data lookups, and give time back to your team.

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