Connect NetSuite to Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

Last updated Fri May 20 2022

Begin your journey with this solution, which includes how to:

  • Set up the NetSuite Connector
  • Configure the Microsoft Azure Blob Storage Connector
  • Query NetSuite records to send to Microsoft Azure Blob Storage


NetSuite is a software suite that leads cloud integration to manage vital business processes in a centralized system. Microsoft Azure Blob Storage is a cloud solution for storing vast amounts of unstructured data. Together, both systems can be great assets by efficiently managing, tracking, and maintaining data.

Massive amounts of data can be stored and accessed from anywhere. Users are provided the ability to perform operations, such as storing files for distributed access, writing to log files, and more. This is ideal to build applications and drive analytics for in-demand workloads.

This solution is designed to test how the records from NetSuite can be obtained and leveraged by connecting to Microsoft Azure Blob Storage. These records are queried and sent to Microsoft’s data storage platform. For desired results, it is required for each connector to be configured with the appropriate credentials.

Rapidly decrease the time taken for development with NetSuite and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage. Data is safe from all types of failures and secured with encryption. This helps the focus to shift to supporting the needs of web, mobile, and cloud-native applications through scalability, security, and availability.

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