Connect Google Calendar with Salesforce

Last updated Wed Aug 03 2022

Automate time and activity tracking in Salesforce and save time with this solution, which enables your sales reps and any associated team members to create and update Salesforce events directly from their email client. It includes how to:

  • Perform timely sync between Google Calendar and Salesforce
  • Retrieve Google Calendars
  • Retrieve Google Calendar Events
  • Bulk Create or Bulk Update or Bulk Delete Events in Salesforce


With the Boomi Calendar Sync process, all events created in Google Calendar will be automatically transferred over to Salesforce as Events. Any updates in the Google Calendar events are also synced to Salesforce.

This will allow for accurate time and activity tracking within Salesforce thereby enabling more accurate Salesforce reporting and analysis on the key opportunities your sales team is engaged with.

In this recipe, check out how to sync Calendar events from google to Salesforce on a timely basis.

This integration could be scheduled to run at regular intervals to sync all events from google that are modified after the last successful run time of this process, into Salesforce.

The recipe qualifies for Boomi’s Recipe Program.

Qualifying customers get access to Boomi’s Recipe Program* with the purchase of a Boomi subscription. As part of the Recipe Program you have direct access to a Boomi specialist to get you up and running with Boomi at no additional cost. Learn more

*Offer applies only to new customers and requires purchase of a qualifying Boomi subscription.

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