Connect Coupa to VersaPay

Last updated Wed Jun 08 2022

Begin your journey with this solution, which includes:

  • Quick steps to configure the Coupa Connector
  • Quick steps for configuring the HTTP Client connectors to connect to VersaPay
  • Methods for moving invoices from Coupa to VersaPay


Coupa is a global cloud platform for business spend management that manages all transactions. VersaPay is a fully-integrated payments and AR suite that delivers invoicing, automation, and payment solutions. This solution uses both application to perform Query and Send operations on pre-defined objects to receive desired results.

Benefit users by allowing every user to achieve migration actions easily and quickly. Not only does this saves time, manual processing is not needed through automation and integration. As a result, additional, long-term value is presented to the business.

This solution is designed to move Coupa approved invoices to VersaPay ARC invoices. The approved invoices are queried and sent to VersaPay’s ARC platform for successful migration. For desired results, it is required for each connector to be configured with the appropriate credentials.

Take full advantage in optimizing business to business transactions. A collaborative network is provided to deliver exceptional customer experience. Therefore, productivity, efficiency, and acceleration are increased to meet needs.

The recipe qualifies for Boomi’s Recipe Program

This Recipe is eligible for Boomi’s Recipe Program – that bundles free expertise from the Boomi PSO team included in the price of this prebuilt offering. The Boomi experts will help you get set up faster than ever, allowing you to get the most out of the Boomi AtomSphere Platform.

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