Connect ADP with Okta

Last updated Fri May 13 2022

Set up this solution to ensure your ADP and Okta applications are synced. It includes how to:

  • Set up your Client and Mail connectors
  • Access updated worker field data from ADP
  • Leverage that data to update and sync with Okta, creating new User field entries as-needed


You rely on ADP as a powerful tool for payroll, HR, and talent management functions. Okta is an important identity authentication solution that manages access to critical business systems.

Bring these essential tools together to ensure Okta profiles are updated as quickly as your employee roster grows and changes. Automate account creation and updates, eliminating manual tasks and ensuring data integrity.

Use Boomi to connect ADP worker data with Okta users and create a unified data source across these systems. Streamline the employee experience with automated email alerts for newly-created user records.

Allow Boomi to establish the connection between ADP and Okta, gaining you crucial visibility into your employee management and safeguarding your business systems with up to date and accurate user information.

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